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VA RefinanceNow is the best time to refinance using your VA loan benefit.  Interest rates have never been this low. You can qualify for a Streamline VA Refinance loan that allows you to lower your monthly mortgage payment.

You also have the option to take cash out of your home with no closing costs out of your pocket and very little work on your part to get into the new VA Loan.

With historic low rates if your current interest rate is above 5%, then you can take advantage of the all time low interest rates and save money on your mortgage payment every single month and not have any closing costs out of your pocket.

Did you know that a VA Streamline Refinance is a quick and easy way to save you money by lowering your mortgage rate?

VA Streamline Benefits:

  • No out-of-pocket closing costs
  • No appraisal required, in some cases
  • No income verification required for your qualification
  • You can lower your mortgage rate with a funding fee of only 0.5%!

2 VA Loan Options:

1. You Can Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

Recently the Fed (Federal Reserve) has reduced interest rates available even lower which brings them down to the lowest rates we have ever seen. Analysts predict a spike in mortgage interest rates very soon so this means that the best time for you to refinance is today!

It doesn’t matter if you currently have a VA Loan, or if you have a conventional loan, a VA Refinance can save you hundreds of dollars every single month.

2.  VA Cash-Out Refinance Loan (NEW)

Recently legislation adopted a very unique opportunity for you have the option to refinance your existing mortgage into a VA Loan with great benefits. The legislation is The Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act of 2008 and it allows you the option to free up the cash out of your equity with a VA Cash Out Refinance.

This allows you to take out up to 90% of your current loan-to-value out of your home. You can use cash out program to make home improvements, pay off debt or any other needs you may have.

Did You Know This?
When you received your VA Loan, you did NOT eliminate your VA Loan Eligibility.  You can still refinance.  You are still eligible.