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If you are a first-time home buyer that is considering a VA Loan, offers like no down payment and 100% financing can be very attractive. But if you are short on cash and would like to purchase a new home. Is it possible to get a 100 financing? Absolutely, VA Home Financing options are the most aggressive home loans in the US today.

VA finance enables military veterans to purchase a home with no cash out of the pocket. Now is the great time to take advantage of VA financing when planning on buying a home. VA financing offers 100% financing or no down payment, and lowest possible mortgage rates to qualified veterans.

Nowadays, VA financing can be used to buy a home, condominiums or build a home. VA home loan financing are designed particularly for eligible veterans who served a minimum number of active duty days during wartime – World War II, Korean Conflict and Vietnam Era. So, what makes VA financing popular right now?


100% VA Financing

For VA buyers, no cash needed for advance payment. VA financing is the only loan program that offers 100% financing while FHA and conventional financing requires a 3.5% to 20% down payment.


No Monthly Mortgage Insurance

Often times, you can avoid making payment on private mortgage insurance. Eliminating this expense is another huge advantage for VA buyers like you. A standard conventional loan requires you to pay monthly mortgage insurance after you put down less than 20% advance payment.


Affordable Monthly Interest Rates

VA financing offers more competitive monthly interest rates compared to most standard conventional loans.

VA Financing is a great option for veterans who are struggling with their financial commitments required to purchasing a home. For that reason, it allows veterans to put down less money required in most conventional loans. These flexible and low cost loans have helped more than 20 million veterans become homeowners today.