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The Benefits Of VA Condos


Purchase or Refinance Your Condo With A VA Loan

Are you thinking about buying or refinancing your condominium and considering using a VA loan?  It’s important that you know your options and guidelines before getting started.

Before rushing into purchasing a VA Condo and getting a VA Loan it would benefit you to consider the benefits when considering VA Condos vs. a typical single family home to make sure a VA Condo is the right option for you.

3 Major Benefits of Buying A Condo

  1. The maintenance on the building is taken care of by the home owners association. For example, this is a great advantage if you do not like to do maintenance and also if you do not like yard work. 
  2. Condo units are often more affordable to a single family house and can still be more spacious than a single family dwelling. 
  3. Condos typically are in the city.  If you work in the city you can now live close to work allowing you less traffic and save you time and money on gas.  

For veterans and active duty service men and women, you can buy a condo unit using a VA loan to maximize your savings.

Use Your VA loan to Purchase Your Condo

  • Work out your budget. Know how much you can afford monthly for your condo unit. Apply for your Certificate of Eligibility. This is to confirm that you are eligible for a VA House Loan.
  • Compare more than one lender for your VA loan on your condo unit. We can help with this. Compare up to 4 VA Loan officers in 2 minutes.
  • Determine if the condo unit you want to purchase is included in the VA Approved Condo list; your VA Loan officer can help with this. Criteria for VA Condos approval is constantly changing so make sure you check this before putting your offer on your VA Condo.

Are Ready to find the most competitive VA condo loans? Compare up to 4 VA Rates in 2 minutes and maximize your savings.  We can help.