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Financing a House


Are You Considering Financing A House With A VA Loan?


Learn the 5 Must Do Steps To Take Before Choosing Your Lender


A VA Loan brings many benefits to you either if you are considering buying a home or considering a VA Refinance.

When you are considering obtaining a VA Loan it is important that you weigh all your options and search for the best lender when considering financing a house.  

This is especially true as this is your House or potential house and it is so important to maximize your savings.

It is so important that you keep in mind that you are the boss when it comes to the loan process.  The lender is not the boss.  You are the one that will be responsible for making the mortgage payment.  Remember you are searching for the perfect VA Lender that can help you save the most money on your VA Loan.

5 Suggestions For You When Shopping For Your New VA Loan
(Note: This Applies to Both A New VA Loan And Also A VA Refinance)

  1. Shop around for the best VA Loan.  In 2 Minutes we can match you with up to 4 VA Loan Offers from competitive lenders.
  2. Ask for references (Get names of clients they have closed or title companies you can call to validate the loan officer.
  3. Get A Good Faith Estimate (Lenders are required by law to give you this)
  4. Stay away from junk fees. If one lender can lower your rate by .25% but it costs you $7,000 its not worth it.
  5. Remember as we talked about earlier that you are the boss.  Do not let lenders intimidate you into making a bad decision.

Remember the 5 steps above and follow them. This will help you navigate through the process and allow you to stay in control and find the best lender for your VA Loan.